SoftDepo FLV Player

SoftDepo FLV Player

SoftDepo FLV Player is a free program that will let you play Flash video files
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SoftDepo FLV Player is a program that will let you play Flash video files. Flash Video is the “de facto” standard when it comes to embedding and playing video in the web. There are two variants – FLV (a container for Flash Video), and SWF (Small Web Format). SoftDepo FLV Player is capable of playing both.

The interface is pretty simple. You will be able to select the file to play, change to full screen mode, associate both the .flv and .swf extensions with this player, and replay the last viewed video file. As with every SoftDepo software application, you will be asked to install Relevant Knowledge (a marketing tool) before running this program. You can prevent this by using some decent antivirus program, which will block every attempt to install any Relevant Knowledge components. This will not affect the functionality of the SoftDepo FLV Player, and your system will be free from unwanted adware. Proceed at your own risk.

In brief, SoftDepo FLV Player is a fine free tool for playing Flash video files. Just one caveat - if you tell the program to place a shortcut in the desktop, keep in mind that you will have to correct it, because it will point to a file that does not exist.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • It tries to force you to install Relevant Knowledge
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